ICF construction offers many benefits, from cost savings to safety. Among them:

Highly resilient & durable
Disaster resistant
Longer building life spans

Higher R-values
Sustainable construction
Less waste
Contributes to LEED/green building accreditation
Continuous insulation
Better air quality
Highest energy efficiency ratings

Lower cost
Reduced maintenance
Faster construction
Lower insurance cost
75% less reinforcement required by weight
Airtight walls eliminate drafts & sound transfer
Reduces utility bills of owners

Panelized ICFs have all the advantages of insulated concrete, while matching or beating the cost and construction timeline of alternatives (wood frame, steel frame, CMU, site-stacked ICF etc.)

And speaking of disaster resistance, check out this image of wildfire resistance in California. Guess which homes were built with ICF.
ICF homes unscathed in CA fires