ICF Panelization
Imagine 30% savings on scheduling.
Helix Micro Rebar: Faster & stronger than rebar

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A new panelized ICF building concept is set to revolutionize commercial construction. The patent-pending system is already in commercial use in select markets, and offers a host of advantages over stacking walls on site.

Wall sections are built indoors, in a controlled environment, and secured with an industrial-strength adhesive into a single monolithic segment. This eliminates the need for metal clips or tie-wraps, and ensures nothing shifts during transport, and eliminates block float and compression during the pour. Panels are easy to crane into place with a lightweight crane, and make it possible to build walls in hours, rather than days.

Construction delays due to inclement weather are eliminated. On multi-story projects, walls can be panelized prior to construction of the applicable floors. Project timelines are tightened up, reducing the construction loan. And earlier opening dates put money directly into the developers' pockets.

A number of other benefits, such as reduced hazard insurance, less form waste, and improved worker productivity reduce costs further.

Imagine reducing the total construction timeline by up to 30%.

Imagine the total savings on construction loan interest.

Imagine being able to avoid winter construction.

Benefits of Panelized ICFs Faster & Stronger with Helix

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